We answer some of your most common questions

  • Why should I fly at Duxford?

    The first fighter base to receive a Supermarine Spitfire, location in the 1969 Battle of Britain film directed by Guy Hamilton, and home to Douglas Bader and the only flying Bristol Blenheim in the world, Duxford truly is a unique and iconic airfield. Our collaboration with ARC means that our expertise and knowledge is second to none and you are guaranteed a day steeped in history and excitement from beginning to end.

  • How much does it cost?

    The price for our standard Spitfire flight experience is £2975.00 for 30 minutes which includes 20 minutes airborne. This gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the view and even undertake some aerobatics if you wish. Prices for our other aircraft vary depending on the type and all details can be found on our experience’s pages.

  • Are all flight experiences 30 minutes?

    No, we offer 30 minute and 40-minute options for our Spitfire and Mustang flights via our booking system. You can even call us to arrange a 60-minute flight if you wish or if you would like to create a more bespoke flight experience.

  • How long should I allow for the experience?

    We recommend allowing four hours, as this leaves plenty of time for the safety briefing and the flight. It is advisable to have as much of the day available as possible, however, just in case there are any delays due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.
    Also, as we are on site location with IWM Duxford you may wish to allow time to view some of the incredible exhibits and aircraft that they have to offer, either before or after your flight. You really can make a wonderful day of it if you choose.

  • Do I need to book before the day or can I just turn up?

    We would always recommend booking a specific date and time to secure your flight. We are sometimes able to accommodate walk in flights but it will depend on pilot and aircraft availability and the flights that are scheduled for that day.

  • Do I need to wear special clothes or shoes?

    Everyday wear will be absolutely fine but we recommend wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in and allow for ease of movement, including shoes with good grip. We will then provide you with a flight suit to wear over the top and the other protective equipment required such as a helmet and gloves.

  • What is included?

    The price includes the following:
    – Pre-flight safety briefing
    – Headset communication with your pilot
    – Aerobatics at pilot discretion and depending on aircraft selected
    – Up close access to the aircraft after your flight and the opportunity to take pictures
    – Free entry to the museum for the person flying and a plus one
    – Free parking
    – Aerial Collective gift bag containing Aerial Collective Log Book and a souvenir flight suit patch
    – Complimentary refreshments available throughout
    – Access to café’s, restaurant and children’s play area

  • What do we do in the flight?

    Before you fly the pilot will chat to you about the possibilities, which include seeing the beautiful King’s College on the outside of Cambridge or even the Madingley war memorial. Then of course with our Spitfires and Mustangs, there is always the option of aerobatics for those who would like a more dynamic flight. Subject to weather conditions and pilot discretion, all passengers are offered the chance of iconic moves including a victory roll.

  • Can I do a run and break landing?

    As an airfield designated to warbirds we are the only airfield in the country allowed to perform this traditional warbird landing. It is a procedure that allows a high-performance aircraft to join an aircraft traffic pattern without having to spend a long time at a low speed. The low altitude and high-g associated with this manoeuvre make it a thrilling and unique way to land.

  • Am I allowed to take the controls?

    This will depend on the aircraft experience booked so do check with us if you are unsure. If this is a possibility it will only be undertaken once you have your pilot’s approval and the aircraft is above 1000ft, in established flight and away from the ground.

  • Are there any restrictions on who can fly?

    We have a height limit of 6ft 2in and a weight limit of 230lbs and you must be a minimum of 18 years old to fly. Even if these requirements are met, we still need to ensure that your physicality allows for full and free movement of the controls. This will be checked on the day of your flight and if this cannot be achieved you will not be able to fly, although this occurrence is rare.
    For more extensive information on ensuring you are able to fly, please refer to our terms and conditions.

  • Who maintains the aircraft?

    The aircraft are maintained on site by the renowned Aircraft Restoration Company who employ some of the best vintage warbird engineers in the world.

  • Who are the pilots?

    We have a number of experienced pilots who come from a wide variety of backgrounds but all of whom are passionate about flying these magnificent warbirds. All our pilots hold a commercial licence and a valid medical certificate which is assessed each year. You can discover more about them by reading their bios on our pilot’s page.

  • When can I fly?

    We offer flights all year round at Duxford, so as long as the weather is suitable for flying we can take you up in the air.

  • In what order do passengers fly?

    The flights are ordered by the time slot that each passenger has selected on booking. This may sometimes be altered due to operational requirements.

  • What happens if the aircraft is unable to fly?

    If we experience any unforeseen technical issues and the flight is unable to take place we will offer you alternative dates.

  • What happens if the weather means that I can’t fly?

    If your flight cannot take place due to inclement weather then we will offer you alternate dates and reschedule. We will always try and contact you the day before if we think there could be an issue, but if you here nothing from us then please arrive for your scheduled flight time.

  • Are refreshments provided?

    We have a designated client area where you can relax before the flight complete with complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks. The perfect place to wait for your ultimate flight experience.

  • Can I bring guests with me?

    Of course, friends and family are more than welcome, but we ask that this is limited to four people per guest. This is due to the fact that we are working restoration hangar we don’t have the facilities to accommodate larger groups. If you have additional guests who wish to see the flight they are more than welcome to watch from the museum’s public spaces.

  • Can I bring someone in a wheelchair?

    We are able to accommodate wheelchairs at our hangar and viewing spaces but we do not have designated disabled bathroom facilities available. These can however be located less than 5 minutes away in the museum’s visitor centre or the Airspace hangar.

  • Are dogs allowed?

    Unfortunately, as we are situated in a working hangar on a live airfield we are unable to accommodate animals of any sort.

  • Will I get access to the Imperial War Museum as well?

    Yes, entry to the museum is free for you and a plus one with half price entry for all other guests.

  • Is there anywhere we can get a bite to eat?

    Yes, the museum has two lovely café’s and a restaurant that offer a range of meals as well as light bites, cakes and snacks. You can find more details and view the menu’s on the museum’s website.

  • Do I need to make the payment in full when I book a flight?

    Yes, flights can only be reserved if full payment is taken at the time of booking, we accept credit and debit cards.

  • Do you offer refunds if we are no longer able or willing to undertake the experience?

    Yes, we do ask for as much notice as possible, prior to date of the booked flight experience, but we treat each situation sympathetically and fairly. We advocate a quibble-free policy and a hassle-free process.

    More information can be found in our terms and conditions.

  • Is there a discount if I book more than one flight?

    Regrettably we are unable to offer discounts for multiple flights as each passenger is carried separately.