Spitfire flight experiences

from Duxford Aerodrome

Fly in a Spitfire

Premium Flight Experiences

Take to the skies with Aerial Collective for a truly unforgettable premium Spitfire flight experience. 

Join our experienced team at the Aircraft Restoration Company’s hangars, located on the iconic former RAF and USAAF airfield at Duxford, for an in-depth safety briefing before strapping into one of our two Supermarine Spitfire T.IXs. Feel the roaring power of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine as you take off on an adventure above the clouds and enjoy the finest Spitfire experiences imaginable.

Both of our Spitfires are equipped with HD Cameras, fitted within the cockpit and tailplane. Footage is optional and is available to preview and purchase after your flight experience. 


FROM £2,975

What’s Included

  • Free entry to IWM Duxford for the person flying and two guests, including entry to the iconic American Air Museum.
  • Reduced price museum entry for any additional guest available on the day
  • Free Parking on the Museum Site
  • A pre-flight mandatory safety briefing within our designated facilities
  • Access to our viewing area throughout your time with us, with a fantastic view across the airfield.
  • Complimentary refreshments throughout the day as well as access to cafés and restaurants across the site.
  • A flight suit, gloves and flying helmet (headset) for your flight.
  • Your vintage warbird experience from the Aircraft Restoration Company hangars into the Battle of Britain airspace above.
  • Aerobatics and the option to take control of the aircraft yourself (at the pilot’s discretion)
  • Up close access to the aircraft after your flight with the opportunity to take photos.
  • The option to purchase video footage taken in-flight during your experience from two angles, including one within the cockpit
  • Gift bag containing an Aerial Collective Logbook recording your flight.


Spitfire Flight Experiences

For the individual

Aerial Collective offer a range of different Spitfire flight experiences for individuals, each varying in length and starting at a 30-minute experience up to a 40-minute, 50-minute or 60-minute experience. 

Each of our passengers is given a detailed pre-flight safety briefing before walking out to our viewing area and dispersal hut, here you will be equipped with a fitted flight suit and gloves before joining one of our experienced warbird pilots at the aircraft. Once you have been strapped into the aircraft’s rear-cockpit with the assistance of our Ground Crew, you will be familiarised with the cockpit and the safety procedures before setting off on your aerial adventure.  

At our pilot’s discretion, you will be given the opportunity to undertake a number of aerobatic manoeuvres, explore the surrounding historic landscape and even take control of the aircraft yourself.   

Our 60-minute Spitfire flight experience has been specifically designed for those who wish to look over the Spitfire’s famous elliptical wings at the famed White Cliffs of Dover or the remarkable Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel Le Ferne. If you wish, we are happy to stay local to Duxford or discuss any alternative flight routes that may be possible.  

With our two authentic Supermarine Spitfires permanently on site, our Spitfire Flight Experiences are available all year round, weather depending.

Please note that the airborne time is approximately 6-10 minutes less than the given experience length.


FROM £2,975


Spitfire & 109 Tailchase Experiences

For the individual or Two people

Accompany one of our seasoned Warbird pilots in one of our dual-control Spitfire T.IXs. Take to the skies from Duxford Aerodrome, the iconic Battle of Britain airfield and patrol the skies above the English countryside before intercepting and engaging in a tailchase with our Messerschmitt 109 (Bouchon). 

While dancing through the sun-split clouds, re-live the experience of a fighter pilot during the 1940’s. Whether you’re an experienced flyer or not, our tailchase experience can be tailored to your requirements to ensure you enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Remember, ‘Beware the Hun in the Sun’.  

With Aerial Collective’s two Two-Seater Spitfires, Formation Tailchase Experiences are also available for two people to enjoy. Available daily from Spring through to Autumn. 


FROM £4,500


Spitfire Formation Experiences

For two people

Take off on an adventure above the clouds and embark on a formation flight experience with a loved one or friend, together in two of our Supermarine Spitfires. 

With you and your wingman strapped in, feel the power as both aircraft accelerate down the runway and enjoy the thrill of a formation takeoff. Once in the air, our pilots will take you through a series of manoeuvres that give both you and your loved one the opportunity to see the accompanying Spitfire from every angle. Towards the end of the flight and after some basic formation aerobatics, our pilots will turn their attention to the individual experience, separating from the formation to give you both the chance to enjoy more aerobatics and the opportunity to take control of the aircraft yourselves. 

Formation experiences are available daily from Spring all the way through to Autumn. 


FROM £6,775