Blenheim flight experiences

from Duxford Aerodrome

Fly in a Blenheim


Be part of legacy that dates back over 80 years and follow in the footsteps of the thousands of brave men and women that flew in the legendary Bristol Blenheim.

With a progressive rumble bellowing from the two Mercury engines either side of you, experience the rush of Duxford’s hallowed ground flowing beneath your feet. Leaping into the air, you’ll experience the skies in a way only this unique fighter – bomber aircraft can provide.

Of the 1089 Blenheim’s that took to the skies, this sole surviving, priceless piece of aviation history, is ready to share the legacy of its Bomber Command and night-fighter roles, through a truly unforgettable experience that only a very limited number of discerning individuals can be part of each year.

Join our team at our private facilities for a pre-flight safety briefing, before strapping into the co-pilot’s seat and immersing yourself in the soft-sweet sound of the twin Bristol Mercury engines. Take flight from Duxford, a genuine wartime airfield for the RAF Blenheim’s of 222 Squadron and admire a view like no other.

Blenheim flight experiences are strictly limited and facilitated on select dates.

Please note that the airborne time is approximately 10 – 15 minutes less than the given experience length.

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What’s Included

  • Free entry to IWM Duxford for the person flying and two guests, including entry to the iconic Battle of Britain Hangar.
  • Free on-site parking for all guests and reduced site admission for extra additional guests available on the day.
  • A pre-flight mandatory safety briefing with our staff at our hangar facilities.
  • Access to our viewing area throughout your time with us, providing a fantastic view across the airfield.
  • Complimentary refreshments throughout the day as well as access to cafés and restaurants across the site.
  • A flight suit, gloves and flying helmet for your flight.
  • Your vintage warbird experience from the Aircraft Restoration Company hangars.
  • Up close access to the aircraft after your flight with the opportunity to take photos.
  • A tree planted for each flight, in partnership with HomeTree.
  • Gift bag containing an Aerial Collective Logbook recording the details of your flight.


Blenheim 45 Minute Flight Experiences

For the individual

Aerial Collective exclusively offer a limited number of 45-minute Blenheim flight experiences for individuals looking to experience an emotive and truly unique flying adventure.

Following a detailed safety briefing at our hangar facilities, you will join one of our seasoned pilots within our pilot’s hut and on-airfield private viewing area. Here you will be equipped with a flying suit and gloves and will be presented with the opportunity to discuss any personal desires for your flight experience with your pilot.

Strapped in, you will be sat beside the pilot in the front of the aircraft, benefitting from the fantastic views out across the wings, as well as the unique view offered by the Blenheim, of both forward and below.

In the air, with the English countryside rolling beneath your feet, you will experience the surprising manoeuvrability this fighter-bomber has to offer. As an aircraft known for completing a mixture of fighter and bomber roles during the Second World War, you will have the rare opportunity to experience flight as thousands of Fighter and Bomber Command aircrews did between 1939 – 1944.

Please note that the airborne time is approximately 10 – 15 minutes less than the given experience length.


From £5,550


Blenheim & Fighter Escort 45 Minute Flight Experiences

For the individual

Choose between a Battle of Britain era Spitfire Mk1 or Hurricane Mk1 to join you in the skies as part of our Blenheim ‘Fighter Escort’ formation experience packages.

Take to the skies from Duxford Aerodrome, the iconic Battle of Britain airfield and immerse yourself within the Bristol Blenheim’s 1940’s era cockpit, the atmospheric smells and sounds only overshadowed by the thrilling sight of having an iconic RAF fighter aircraft at your wingtip.

Please note that the airborne time is approximately 10 – 15 minutes less than the given experience length.


From £7,375