Pilots & Crew

Meet our team of experienced pilots & ground crew

Our Pilots

We confidently boast perhaps the most experienced roster of pilots in the industry, pilots that have flown warbirds for decades and are regular participants in Airshows around the world.

In order to keep this team of pilot’s current in all aspects of flying vintage aircraft, Aerial Collective with the assistance of the Aircraft Restoration Company, provide annual refresher training.  This training is spread over a number of days early on in the year and involves comprehensive ground school sessions covering aspects such as CAA changes, Duxford Airfield’s flying orders, and both engine and parachute handling techniques.

The flight training starts in a DHC-1 Chipmunk, which is specifically used for spin training. Pilots then move on to the T6 Harvard for aerobatic training before finally flying our two-seat Spitfires, Mustangs or the other aircraft within our fleet.

Once all of these initial training sessions have been completed, our chief pilot then briefs the group together, before formation flying is carried out to make sure everyone is current in all aspects of display flying for the season ahead.

Ground Crew

Meet the Aerial Collective Ground Crew, the team looking after you, strapping you in and sending you off on your adventure above the clouds.