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'For the one I love' Spitfire experience


Give someone the experience of a lifetime this Valentine’s day, with our ‘For the one I love’ Spitfire experience.

They will take to the skies in a two-seat Spitfire, as well as receiving a free Aerial Collective Origin t-shirt, free tour of the Aircraft Restoration Company Hangars and 10% discount in the IWM Duxford museum shop on site or online; all included in the price of our 30-minute flight experience.

Available for a limited time only… so if you want to create a moment in time for a loved one click here and select ‘For the one I love Spitfire experience’ from the ‘experience package’ drop down menu.

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Dare to dream and take to the skies in an aircraft that won the hearts of both pilots and public in WWII. A symbol of Britain’s refusal to give up, the Spitfire is an icon with unbridled horse power, a fighter with heart and a joy to watch. So imagine what flying in one feels like…

Or just book an Aerial Collective Spitfire flight, discover how it feels for real, and create a moment in time you’ll never forget.

We operate two two-seater Spitfires, both of which are lovingly maintained by the Aircraft Restoration Company on site and who both saw action in World War II.

You can read more about their stories here or click ‘book now’ to discover our unique range of flight experiences.


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Charlie & Indy

The Story

The Spitfire’s speed, manoeuvrability and fire power turned this aircraft into a much-loved British
icon and it is considered to be the most famous plane of WWII. Its design and specifications are what
gave the British an advantage when it came to fighting the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain.

20,351 Spitfires were built in total, of these only 238 survived and 54 are said to be still airworthy. 30 of
these can be found in the UK and among those here at Duxford are our 2 two seat Spitfires, PV202 and
PT462 both of which saw active service during WWII.

PV202 emerged onto the airshow scene in 2005 where it was distinctive not only for its then unusual
colour scheme, but because it was the only Tr.9 to be flying in its original colours and configuration
at this time.

PT462 arrived at Duxford on the 30th April 1998 and returned to the air in the hands of John Romain on
the 5th of August after re-assembly and certification. It then spent a few years in North Wales with
Anthony Hodgson flying and being displayed in a variety of shows until October 2017 when ARC
acquired the aircraft and it became part of their fleet.

While these aircraft are no longer quite so active in airshows they are kept busy fulfilling the dreams of
Aerial Collective clients instead.

Want to discover more about our Spitfire’s history? Then click here to learn about the journey from
their first sortie to now and the restoration work that brought them back to life.


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