Experience the Fury

We are proud to announce that we are welcoming a new member into the Aerial Collective fleet.  A Hawker Sea Fury T.20 which has one of the fastest single piston engines ever built.  While experiencing this incredible machine first hand used to be only possible watching on as it soared through the skies at displays. You finally you have the chance to experience this wonderful warbird first hand, as you fly in a Sea Fury with Aerial Collective.

Supported closely by the Aircraft Restoration Company, and based out of their hangars at Duxford Airfield near Cambridge, we will now be offering 30 & 50-minute flight experiences in this amazing flying machine.

The team at Duxford are excited to share this new addition with you, ‘Here at Aerial Collective we are committed to maintaining and sharing these pieces of living history with clients, and we are so incredibly thrilled that we are able to offer one that is held in such high esteem.’

The time is right to take off in one of the highest performance single piston aircraft ever produced and experience the most advanced chapter in the pre-jet era of aviation.


About Aerial Collective

Aerial Collective is a premium provider of Vintage warbird flights fulfilling clients dreams and keeping history alive.  We would love to welcome you into the Aerial Collective, so to discover more and to create memories you’ll never forget.

Go to www.aerialcollective.co.uk or call 01223 653830 for more information.


Words: Hannah Juggins

Photos: George Romain