NHS Spitfire Project

A way to say Thank You – Raising money for NHS Charities Together



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It began with an idea, “why don’t we fly our beloved blue Spitfire PL983 ‘L’ around the local villages for the #clapforourcarers this evening? … We can prepare the aeroplane as a household and it would really lift the spirit of the local communities”.  Well, we did, and the response was utterly overwhelming.  Being around the Spitfires so regularity can make it all too easy to take for granted just what the sight and sound of this machine means to so many people and we just weren’t prepared for the emotionally charged messages of support and gratitude that we received for that first flight, it was what paved the way for the development of the NHS Spitfire project.

The Thursday flights soon became a bit of a tradition in our local area, and as we approached the tenth week we decided to add our own thank you message to the bottom of those iconic elliptical wings.  That evening we set off again, this time with the ‘THANK U NHS’ emblazoned across the underside of the aircraft.

Saying and receiving a thank you is one of the simplest pleasures a person can enjoy, it takes the smallest of efforts but can carry vast meaning.  So, how could we give people an opportunity to join us in saying thank you to the NHS whilst also giving them the opportunity to thank someone closer to home… well, this is what we’ve come up with…

Over the course of the next few months (5th July – 20th September 2020) we are going to be writing the names of our nations loved ones all over our photo-reconnaissance blue Spitfire PL983 ‘L’.  We need your help though, to help us find all these special names!  It can be a kind neighbour, family member, close friend, or even a pet who has been there by your side through all of life’s ups and downs.  You can now say thank you to them by having their name hand written onto the NHS Spitfire via the projects JustGiving page: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nhsspitfire .

Each name nominated will also help the nation to collectively say ‘thank you’ to the people within our fantastic National Health Service by contributing to the NHS Charities Together charity.  To nominate a name you simply need to visit our JustGiving page and donate a minimum of £10 along with the name of the person and the reason for the nomination in the donation comment (instructions for donations included in JustGiving page story).  We will be adding the names throughout the Summer and sharing updates via our social media pages as the blue outer-surface of the Spitfire slowly begins to be covered in the names of our nations most dearly beloved!

A modern day Spitfire fund, with a twist, set up in order to support our incredible NHS.