I Lived My Dream

Kevin McCullough

The team at Aerial Collective often talk about how privileged we feel to be in a position where we are helping people achieve their lifelong dreams. Our team honestly believe the best part of our day is seeing people’s faces when they land.  For some people they just cannot stop smiling, big wide mouthed grins that stretch from ear to ear.  In contrast, some people are quiet, still slightly overwhelmed by what they have just done. While some people are filled with emotion and gratitude for those pilots that gave their lives in service to their country.  One of these people was Kevin McCullough, who flew with us on the 25th July.  As a poet he felt the best way to capture all he felt during his flight was through verse…




To find the words that stutter here,

May not bring justice… thoughts unclear?

In shock,

In awe,

Confused I seem?

For today’s the day, I lived my dream…..

I’ve lived my life through decades five

Yet never once felt more alive

Barrel rolls, as Merlin sings

PV202 – my Warbird Wings

It’s tone vibrates my every sense

Never has living felt more intense

And then I paused and gazed beneath

A silhouette on golden wheat

With that frame in sight, my world stood still

Emotions stirring, my eyes do fill

The words won’t come, yet I need to scream

Is this day real?

This is my dream!

Oh how I love this Warbird lass

We buzz the field and Victory pass

And just to add that touch of real

Forget the runway, it’s grass we’ll feel

Cliff warns of bumps as we touch her down

And this is Blighty, Our hallowed ground

And now for thanks and deep respect

What she endured we must reflect

For the boys that flew her way back when

I thank you each, that you were Men…..


Kevin McCullough


Many thanks to Kevin for letting us share these wonderful words.  A true ode to a Spitfire.