Aerial Collective Spitfire Tailchase

New Aerial Collective Tailchase Experiences

“Beware the Hun in the Sun”

The first new and exclusive Aerial Collective experience of 2021 is our Spitfire & 109 tailchase flight experiences, with both individual and formation packages now available to book.

This new premium experience sees the Aircraft Restoration Company’s Spanish built Messerschmitt Bf109, the Hispano Buchon “Yellow 10”, join the Aerial Collective fleet for the upcoming flying season. Following some minor maintenance planned this spring, the aircraft will be ready to join our Spitfires on adventures above the clouds each year from mid-March through to the end of October.

With Duxford airfield’s historic significance during the Second World War, and in particular the Battle of Britain, there is no finer location to experience the adventure of a Spitfire tailchase with a Me109 than with Aerial Collective.  Whether you are looking to experience this as an individual or as part of a formation experience with a family member or friend as your wingman, we are confident that all of our experiences will take your breath away.


The Experience

Those looking to experience the adrenaline rush and emotion of a tailchase, will first join us at our hangars for a mandatory safety brief, before accompanying one of our reputable pilots and strapping into one of our two-seat Supermarine Spitfire T.IXs, ready to patrol the historic Battle of Britain airspace surrounding Duxford.

After feeling the incredible roar of the Spitfire’s famed Merlin engine as you take off, our pilot will take you through a number of basic manoeuvres to get a feel and understanding of your response to the aircraft’s characteristics. Depending on how you feel after these initial twists and turns, our pilot will then tailor the following experience to your comfort and enjoyment. Meanwhile, another of the experienced Aerial Collective pilots takes to the skies in our 109.

At our pilot’s discretion and whilst patrolling above the English countryside below, our pilot will perform any additional aerobatics you may wish to undertake and even offer you the chance to take control of the Spitfire yourself. Following this, your attention will turn to keeping an eye out on the horizon and amongst the clouds, looking to spot the distant shape of an enemy intruder.

Within a few moments you’ll catch a glimpse of an aircraft brandishing the infamous black crosses of the Luftwaffe, and your pilot will begin to position the Spitfire ready to pursue the 109.  The ensuing tailchase will be tailored to your comfort and enjoyment, whilst still providing you with the closest experience possible to what a fighter pilot would have experienced during the Second World War.

If you would like to find out more or have any questions about the Aerial Collective Tailchase Experiences, then feel free to get in touch and talk to a member of our team by calling our office on 01223 653830. Of, if you are ready for your adventure amongst the clouds then you can book now.