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Power and speed, two things the Sea Fury has in abundance.  With one of the fastest piston engines ever built, this fighter aircraft is a force to be reckoned with.  Experiencing this incredible machine first hand used to be only possible from the ground, watching as it soared through the skies at displays.  But now you have the chance to experience this wonderful warbird first hand, as you fly in a Sea Fury with Aerial Collective.

We operate a Hawker Sea Fury T20 which is taken care of by the Aircraft Restoration Company.  You can read more about its story below or discover our unique range of flight experiences here.

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The Story

The Hawker Sea Fury was one of the last propeller-driven fighters to serve with the Royal Navy, and is known for having one of the fastest single piston engines ever built.  It was first developed in World War II and entered service in 1947.  It was particularly popular with overseas militaries and was used in the Korean war in the early 1950s, as well as the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

1948 saw the development of a 2-seat weapons trainer variant of the Sea Fury, the T.20, which included the addition of a rear cockpit and duplicated controls.  The T20 is still used by the Royal Navy Historic Flight today, to enable Sea Fury display pilots the chance to experience this demanding aircraft within a training environment, before taking to the skies solo.

The Hawker Sea Fury T20 that we are fortunate to be welcoming into the Aerial Collective fleet was built at Hawkers in 1951, and in 1957 was bought to be converted to Target Towing.  It was sold to German MoD for this purpose and undertook the last flight of a German Sea Fury on the 12th November 1975.  After being put into storage it was withdrawn from service in 1976, until it was prepared to be ferried to the Royal Navy where it remained until 1990.

The journey to Duxford began once the aircraft was sold to The Fighter Collection in 2008.  It would be nearly 10 years before further work would be done, including the installation of a Pratt and Whitney R2800 engine, and the addition of a massive four blade propeller from a Grumman Guardian aircraft.  It was re-registered in July 2018, and can now be found harnessing its incredible power, as it takes Aerial Collective clients to new heights over the Imperial War Museum Duxford.

Having the opportunity to fly in a Sea Fury aircraft that is steeped in such history is truly a once in a lifetime experience.



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